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  • Emma and I on KITV

Emma and I are going to be on TV. My client Yas min Dar did a story called “Wired & Tired” airs on KITV tonight at 10. They came to our house to interview us. I have no idea how it will portray us but I hope it gives some insight. This maybe a great informative interview. Check it out.

Once the show airs the link on the website will run the video.

I freaked out knowing a tv camera was coming to our home. And Yas min wanted to film footage in Emma’s room, which we lovingly call the black hole. I frantically cleaned up the key areas. 2 bags of garbage out of the black hole.Ignored the piles that collect in the house that I could close the door to.
Picked up Emma. Yelled at her to finish cleaning her room. The 100 stuffed animals and blankets she smooshes around on her bed to make a nest to sleep in.

I continued swiffering, wiping, windexing, vacuuming, then realize she did mention she wanted to interview me too. Oh god! I’m a sweaty mess. Jump in the shower.

Receive a text from Yas min shes on Waialae. Make sure NO black, NO white, colors work best…what am I gonna wear! What is Emma wearing? The camera man is going to be here soon.

“Emma brush your hair!” Thank goodness I ran a flat iron through it this morning, not quiet as fuzzy.

Yas min arrives. We chat for a few. I didn’t have time to dry my hair. Twisted into a bun, clamped to the back of my head, bangs hanging in my face. Minimal makeup. Ok, so really I am a makeup artist and hair stylist. Ugh!

Camera man gets here. Yes, they are gonna do the interview outside! I asked Emma if it was ok for me to be there. Her mind moral support, my mind ease drop on what she says.

Next lets interview mom.

Ok, we made it. Wait, you wanna take more footage inside? Emma on the couch playing on her iTouch, pretending to sleep in her bed and answering her phone!? Ack.

Oh oh. Did they film the bunnies? Illegal contraband in our home. I hope not….

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