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Exceptional Services

Our commitment to quality and services ensure our clients happy. With years of experiences and continuing education, our dedicated staff is ready to serve your beauty needs. We’re happy to help you decide the best look.

Yon-Ka Paris Products

Yon-Ka offers skin care rituals and a selection of hydrating creams, anti-aging programs and body care well suited to all skin types and any age. All our creams for the face, anti-aging creams, body oils and lotions draw from the natural resources that surround us.

  • Eye Services
  • Facial
  • Waxing
  • Service Bundle
  • Mind/Body/Wellness
  • Lash Lift with Elizabeth


  • Signature Lash Lift


  • Keratin Lash Lift


  • YumiLashes Keratin Lash Lift with Elizabethl


  • Lash Darkening
  • Semi Permanent Mascara
  • Consultation/Patch Test
  • iBrow Shaping/Tweezing


  • Lip Wax


  • Classic Lash Extensions


  • Partial Lash Extensions Add On


  • Lash Extension Removal
  • Brow Darkening
  • Brow Shaping/Tweezing
  • Henna Brow Color
  • Le Grande Classic Basic Starter
  • Essential White Brightening Facial
  • Mini Yonka Escale Facial and Lash Lift
  • Alpha Vital Extreme Exfoliation



  • Excellence Code Age Correction
  • Hydralessence Extreme Moisture
  • Express Escale Beaute Facial
  • Skin Classic Treatment
  • Brow Shaping


  • Full Face


  • Lips

  • Chin
  • Side Burns
  • Full Arms
  • Half Arms
  • Lash Lift/Tint
  • Lash Lift/Semi Permanent Mascara
  • Lash Lift/Brow Shaping/Tweezing
  • Lash Lift/Brow Darkening
  • Brow Wax/Brow Darkening
  • Lash Darkening/Brow Darkening


  • First Time Healing Work
  • 60-Minute Energy Work
  • 90-Minute Energy Work
  • Life Care Coaching
  • DoTerra AromaTouch Serenity


  • DoTerra AromaTouch
  • The Works with Eyes
  • 60-Minute Reflexology
  • 75-Minute Reflexology
  • 90-Minute Reflexology
  • 2-Hour Reflexology


Expert Tips

Washing hair removes excess sweat and oil, as well as unwanted products from the hair and scalp. Often hair is washed as part of a shower or bathing with shampoo, a specialized surfactant. Shampoos work by applying water and shampoo to the hair.

Our Team


Esther Marie Chavez is a Licensed Esthetician and Beauty Stylist. Working in the beauty industry since 2005, the work she is most known for is YonKa Facials and Lash Lifts with an emphasis on Elleebana and Keratin brands. Esther earned her degree in Esthetics from Minnesota State College. And continues her education with Certifications from “Extreme Lashes” for Lash Extension application in Spring Texas, “YonKa Paris” for Skin Care in El Segundo California and Elleebana & Keratin Lash Lift Certification in Honolulu, Hawaii. Esther is a Stylist at BeautiGoddess Lash Studio Kaimuki/Kailua and resides in Kailua, Hawaii with her Life Partner Scott and beloved sewer cat Kai’na.


Your Wellness Practitioner at the Kaimuki BeautiGoddess Studio.
Helping you feel good in your body, mind & spirit.
Feel and Be beautiful both inside & outside.
Got pain?
Book my relaxing and healing Facial Reflexology session.
Need to destress, feel peace & calm?
Book my Energy work session.
Making big changes in your life?
Book my coaching session.

I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist [LMT MAT 15304] certified in Reflexology, a Reiki Master and a Certified Life Coach.
Visit my website for more info on my services and pricing.

What They Say

  • Liz the Beauti Goddess is truly a Goddess. She transforms my stick-straight Asian lashes into curvaceous lustrous LASHES in about 30 minutes. She always emails to check to see how the results were after my appointment. A few months back when the lashes didn’t curl as much I wanted them to, Liz slipped in to her busy schedule to do a retouch. She’s amazing and extremely skilled at her craft.

    Nancy, Customer
  • I’ve been going to Liz for my lash lifts for about six years now, and it’s the best thing I ever did! I use to spend a lot of time curling my lashes and having them fall out in the process. My lashes are long and healthy and curling them manually are a thing of the past. Now they remain curled 24/7. Everyone I’ve recommended to Liz comes away loving her talents as well. She’s the best in the business

    Public Relations Consultant
    Founder/president of Ontai-LaGrange And Associates.

    Laurie L., Customer

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