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  • Eye Brow Shaping and Tinting at the Beautigoddess

Eye Brow Shaping and Tinting at the Beautigoddess - Eyelash Lift / Perm Bea Back to the top

Another great service we offer at the BeautiGoddess Studio is Brow Shaping and Tinting!

STEP 1- Waxing the stray unwanted hair around the brows.

STEP 2- Tweeze shape into your eyebrows.

STEP 3- Trim unruly hairs back into shape.

STEP 4- Brows can be darkened by doing an eyebrow tint on the brow hairs and temporarily staining the skin under it.

STEP 5- For daily maintenance of your eyebrows we recommend using our Revita Brow Gel color products:

Revita Brow Gel offers the perfect shade for Brunettes and Blondes, grooming brow hairs and lightly coloring brow hair.

Revita Brow Gel come in 2 shades perfect to cover light colored brows and a little thickness.

Platinum Volume Lash is what I recommend to my clients having their lashes permed. It's made from algae extracts and peptides which protect and condition hairs. Adds shine and hold to brows.

Need to grow more brow hairs? We also carry Revitabrow.

A unique formula of peptides and botanicals to help stimulate healthy hair growth.

The process takes 30 minutes. Don't need to tint. Shaping takes 15 minutes.

You can schedule your appointment online quickly, anytime.

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