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  • Nancy Liu
    Date: 2/19/2019 - Liz the Beauti Goddess is truly a Goddess. She transforms my stick-straight Asian lashes into curvaceous lustrous LASHES in about 30 minutes. She always emails to check to see how the results were after my appointment. A few months back when the lashes didn't curl as much I wanted them to, Liz slipped in to her busy schedule to do a retouch. She's amazing & extremely skilled at her craft. View large photos.
  • Lauren R.
    Date: 11/5/2018 - I had my lashes done by Esther last week and wanted to mention how amazing they look!! She did a really great job!
  • Sandy
    Date: 6/28/2018 - Elizabeth, thank you very much for repairing my crooked lashes. They're a lot better. Michael and Elizabeth are very professional and welcoming. They're wonderful people.
  • Maria M.
    Date: 6/28/2018 - Elizabeth, thank you very much for repairing my crooked lashes. They're a lot better. Michael and Elizabeth are very professional and welcoming. They're wonderful people.
  • Laurie L.
    Date: 4/30/2018 - I've been going to Liz for my lash lifts for about six years now, and it's the best thing I ever did! I use to spend a lot of time curling my lashes and having them fall out in the process. My lashes are long and healthy and curling them manually are a thing of the past. Now they remain curled 24/7. Everyone I've recommended to Liz comes away loving her talents as well. She's the best in the business

    Public Relations Consultant
    Founder/president of Ontai-LaGrange And Associates.
  • Stefanie N.
    Date: 2/15/2018 -About 5 years ago, I decided to trim the end of my eyebrows, and they never grew back! In August 2017, I got an iLash Lift and Eyebrow grooming from Liz at BeautiGoddess Lash Studio. I LOVED it. I never thought my lashes were long enough to life, and I never thought a Brow Pen could give me back my full eyebrows! In December 2017, I decided to try eyebrow microblading. I went to a salon in Waikiki and enjoyed the microblading session. What was also included in that session was an iLash Lift. Being such a fan of BeautiGoddess' iLash Lift, I thought this one would be the same. Uh... no. Prior to lifting my lashes, the Lash Specialist told me the dangers of iLash Lifts. There were strong chemicals used, that I needed longer breaks between treatments so that the lash could get straight again, and that the perm solution would eventually harm my lashes (like over-permed hair). I was kinda in shock because now I was scared! I could feel my heart beating faster and asked her, "So I will not be getting my lashes lifted today?" "What? Oh?" she replied, shocked herself. "You will be getting a treatment today," she said. Ok. Let me ask you... would YOU get a treatment after hearing all that? I was wide awake while she taped, placed cotton and put the solution on. The end result? Over-curled lashes. Like how the eyelashes get if you use the eyelash curler too long.

    I scheduled with Liz on February 8 for February 15. I missed Liz' great work. I missed having lashes that I loved! I am always so excited about my lashes after my appointment. I have never been disappointed here. I also purchased a 4-pack of appointments (yippee!) and serum, a brow pen and mascara (double yippee!!). Thank you Liz! You're an eye-lash saver :)
  • Robyn
    Date: 12/24/2017 - I know that it's been a few months, but I wanted to send you a few pictures from our wedding day. You did such a great job!!! My husband absolutely LOVED my makeup. He especially loved the fact that it didn't feel like I was wearing makeup.
  • Christine C
    "I am so happy that I met Elizabeth, via the Social Wahine network! My eyelashes have never been the same! I see Elizabeth for eyelash perms regularly(about every 2 months) and haven't been happier! My eyelashes have even gotten longer, since I started perming them. Ladies, there is no need for the dreaded eyelash curler after you see Elizabeth! She is a great person, professional, reasonably priced, and has a convenient location. If you want more info, feel free to contact me! I love the BeautiGoddess!" Christine C, Honolulu, HI
  • Vanessa
    "Hi there,

    We have just arrived back from our travels. I would like to say a big thank you for your services especially to Liz for the amazing job on our wedding day, without her my wedding dress may not have been tied correctly. The make up for both parties Hilton & Trump were fantastic, if you were located in Sydney Australia I would highly recommend your services.

    Thank you for making it a relaxing experience.


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